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When you consider first-, second-, and third-place winners in each category, you can see that it is easy to spread recognition as wide as you wish it to be.

There are no limits to your creativity in creating recognitions for the Cub Scout. While it can be heartbreaking to see a Cub Scout’s lip tremble because he did not win a trophy, Cub Scouts are not entirely without a competitive spirit. Life does not provide a prize for everybody that shows up.

It is very clear that any boy who can cheer on a friend in a derby race, when his own car has been previously eliminated, must be said to have had his character developed, if not his car-building skills.

MAX4 lessons are available in Full Day or Half Day afternoon options. Level 4-6 Skiers/Snowboarders meet in the alpine (Intermediate skier to Expert Skier).

In this module, whenever Cub Scouts are mentioned, it should be considered that this means Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts.

Time Allotted 60 minutes Learning Objectives At the end of this session, participants should be able to: Required Materials Easel pad, markers, and Power Point equipment.

The basic elements of this course can be used in any of these variations.

The Why of the Pinewood Derby: What Scouting Goals Are Accomplished?

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