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Discovered near Pristina in the mid-20th century, it serves as a symbol of Kosovo.

Kosovo is rich in folk art dating from the more recent past as well.

Heroic epics and ballads as well as oral prose traditionally played an important part in relaying the history and myths associated with the ethnic groups of Kosovo.The cultural lives of Kosovo’s Albanians and Serbs, although distinctive, bear many resemblances to those of the peoples of Albania and Serbia, respectively.For further information on the cultures of those countries, Traditional Kosovar society, for both Albanians and Serbs, has an important patriarchal tradition, with extended family members often living together in large groups.Pristina in particular became a vibrant centre for art, drama, and music.Folk, classical, and contemporary popular music thrived.

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World Heritage site; the others were inscribed in 2006.

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