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Also, Derek Rose made the list but Michael Beasley did not.

These things are supposed to be big secrets, but a Random Evidence supersource tells us The Who's Super Bowl halftime performance will be a medley with parts of five songs: Baba O' Riley, Pinball Wizard, Tommy, Who Are You and Won't Get Fooled Again.

He didn't call to explain his absence, but Twittered about plans for partying. Just goes to remind us again how unimportant the Pro Bowl game is to so many players.

Sunday, through his publicist, Mc Kinnie claimed he had withdrawn from the team due to "ongoing injuries" of his feet and left ankle. For an ex-Cane to do this in a Miami Super Bowl is a plain embarrassment. Projections are derived from PECOTA: Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithms.

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The Kryptonians won again, and in an upset, B Major took second.But in this intense, family-centric event, how are winners even chosen?Serena’s executive assistant Grant Firestone told , “We hire impartial judges, who will be judging based on a rubric that we’ve created. Last year we won by, like, half a point.” At this year’s Invitational, the VIP guests signed a stringent non-disclosure agreement before entering the abandoned, strip-mall Cineplex that housed the event.Ahead of him: Tiger Woods, Le Bron James, Phil Mickelson, Albert Pujols and Peyton Manning.Other locals who are ranked: Serena Williams (16), ex-UM'er Andre Johnson (38), Venus Williams (42), Miami-raised Alex Rodriguez (61), ex-Cane Ray Lewis (78), and Miami native Chad Ochocinco (98). Baseball contemporaries of his made the list (David Wright, Evan Longoria), but not Hanley, because his outside endorsements are lacking.

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What do Serena and Venus Williams, a pair of siblings who also happen to be some of the best tennis players on Earth, do in their spare time?

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