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Many are seized and recruited by force whereas others join to escape their circumstances.

Since the 1970s, a number of international conventions have come into effect that try to limit the participation of children in armed conflicts, nevertheless Child Soldiers International reports that the use of children in military forces, and the active participation of children in armed conflicts is widespread.But the great-grandfather went one better than that and instantly recognised himself in the photo.Holding the picture, Cpl Roberts said: "I didn't take a lot of notice of this guy at the time because I was so focused on what the Germans were doing after what had happened to me.If an adult 21 year old is compared with a 13 year old child, the adult will normally possess superior strength, greater weight bearing capability, and will generally have more sound judgment and reasoning abilities than that of a child.In situations of rural insurgencies and sustained conflict (where physical mobility over large distances and the extensive use and movement of ammunition is required) adults would fare better than children or adolescents.

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Beber & Blattman argue that raising the cost of war crimes can have a significant impact and: “foreign governments, international organizations, diasporas, and local populations can discourage child recruitment by withholding resources or punishing offenders”.

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