Dating health issues

These can be a source of unhappiness and depression for many people.In some cases, a troubled relationship can lead to a person experiencing depression or, in other cases, depression can be caused by other factors and then lead to problems in relationships.I realize there are many things about me that could be on someone else’s deal breaker list.I’ve learned to let this go as if any part of me is a deal breaker, they are a waste of my time.

"It should usually be up to the person, him or herself, to decide when the time is right to go on a date or a series of dates, but the main rule of thumb is that they should feel comfortable about it.

We all know that meeting new people, especially on a date, can bring on some anxiety and nervousness for any of us, and it would be strange if it didn't, but in someone who has experienced depression, or other mental health issues such as anxiety, it can be far more stressful, as it is a one-to-one situation which they might have been avoiding for a while, and they may feel that the other person is examining or judging them.

You may be on medicines or take regular injections.

Because of the degree of my health issues, I’ve found that it interferes with my ability to work.

I always needed more medication to deal with on-the-job stress and felt less like a functioning person.

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Some diseases and conditions are definitely more likely post-50 than pre-50.

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