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"Great, I'll book us a table at a place down the street. " She jotted down the note, just to give herself more time to linger near him.Megan could see them from her own desk and rolled her eyes at the obvious breach of professionalism taking place in front of her.Author's Note: I've included the kinks at the start of each chapter so if you don't like it, don't read it.You should however be able to skip to any chapter you want without the need to follow the entire plot.And you.""Ok..." Megan replied, still baffled by this bizarre history lesson. Before you go any further up the ladder at the company, I want you to feel that you knew everything about us."Megan chewed slowly on her dinner, piecing the puzzle together, bit by bit. The second thing Stephanie thought was that, like her, the woman was dressed only in underwear and a pair of stiletto shoes.This was sounding promising, even if a little weird. This must be a really lucid bad dream and I'm going to wake up any second now..."Wonderful! The mysterious woman stared back at her, looking her up and down. The expensive looking designer lingerie barely covered her large perfectly round breasts but revealed her hard flat abs and almost everything else.For almost five years she had worked at Chem-Silon, a major conglomerate dealing in pharmaceuticals, and was finally close to calling it quits, her eyes moving from the files and folders to the job postings she was secretly flicking through on her phone.It wasn't the work itself that was bad, it was just the sheer amount of it.

Maybe there was hope to step into a different department or even one of the offices in Europe. Alison spent the rest of the meal elaborating on what she meant, telling Megan that she had seen how intelligent and hard-working she was but fearing that the young woman was getting fed up with getting no respect and no responsibility. She wanted to struggle again but her body wasn't responding to anything she wanted to do. "Now for the final test."She reached for the bonds behind Stephanie and untied them carefully. She found it hard to take her eyes off her, but immediately began to feel uneasy. The raven-haired beauty stopped next to Snyde, put her hands behind her back, set her feet at shoulder-width apart and raised her head up, simply saying "Yes, my queen," in a smooth, well practiced manner. Once a fresh-faced lawyer working in San Diego, Nina had always been a woman in control. She was unexcited by the men she dated or the parties she attended or even the luxurious things she bought every week, from the latest gadgets to the sportiest cars.She watched as Stephanie giggled and twirled her hair, throwing more compliments his way and contemplated the idea of letting Alison know, maybe dropping an anonymous tip somehow.It took about a second for her to decide it wouldn't do a damn thing.When Megan got home that evening, she did what she always did: kicked off her shoes and fed Tabitha, her adorable pet cat. While they waited for their food, Megan eyed the director suspiciously, wondering why the hell her boss's boss was paying for her meal. The bleached cropped hairstyle and the fact that she always wore pants suits had at least told her she was not particularly feminine. " Alison asked, stirring her coffee."I don't think so. Control their behavior through a combination of drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, the works.""That sounds terrible. While they refined their methods and were making valuable progress, the project was canned after ten years. The sexy lingerie suited her and accentuated her figure.It was only when she was about to go run herself a hot bath that she noticed the answering machine blinking. But the meeting didn't seem like Alison had any strange romantic intentions. I don't know the full reasons other than it was seen as a risk. Her breasts were on the small side but were pressed upward by the lace black bra.

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