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In 2008, Bishnu Adhikari became the first Nepali citizen to officially register under the "Third Gender" category, with Badri Pun receiving the second.

Other legal accomplishments include allowing citizens to register to vote as "third gender".

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in Nepal are one of the most progressive in Asia.

The Nepalese Constitution recognizes LGBT rights as fundamental rights.

The Nepalese Government, following the monarchy, legalized cross-dressing and began allowing a third gender option on documents in 2007.

Other organizations such as Mitini Nepal, Saino Nepal, Sahara Samaj, Ekata Nepal, Naulo Srijana Nepal and Paribartan Nepal also exist to provide resources for LGBT Nepalis.

The media and public have also become more sympathetic to LGBT rights since atrocities against the members of the Blue Diamond Society became public and after they started the radio program Pahichan, a program that discusses sexual and gender minority rights.

Cross-dressing was previously illegal under various laws against public immorality but now is freely allowed.

In 2007, the Supreme Court legally established a gender category called "third gender".

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