Updating ps3 via storage media

In addition to that you can use the Graphical User Interface (or the command line interface) to refresh the entire media library or a particular folder whenever you see fit.You can even use the command line tool in conjunction with some task scheduling tool (like the one that comes with Windows) to schedule a synchronization task if you wish to achieve some advanced scenario (say add or refresh a folder automatically after some other event occurs).To give a more precise definition, almost any media format that has a Directshow decoder will work with TVersity Media Server as long as you have the directshow decoder installed, this includes: Yes, WMA lossless and FLAC are both transcoded by the TVersity Media Server to WAV, and since WAV is supported by many devices, you can play your lossless files without losing quality on those devices.The TVersity Screen Server will display substitles as long as your PC is currently displaying subtitles.You do not need to worry about storing the content and deleting it as TVersity Media Server manages this cache automatically for you based on some configurable criteria of your choice.

It comes in two editions, a free edition and a more advanced pro edition.

If you are currently running TVersity on this computer with the default port, and would like to see the GUI click here for the Media Server or here for the Screen Server.

Both the GUI and the command line tools of the Media Server allow you to add URLs in the same way you added files or folders.

A possible workaround would be to have TVersity transcode these files despite the fact that they can be played natively by your device, this can be achieved by setting the media server to always transcode (as opposed to the default setting to transcode only files that the target device cannot natively play).

Please refer to the Features page for more information about the current release.

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Please also send us a unit for preliminary evaluation so that we can better understand what would be required to fully support your device.

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